All fabrics colors, and fabric designs are made by Eima BLANK. You can learn more about Eima BLANK on her website and portfolio:

All garment designs are made by Yoycol in China. Yoycol is a print on demand service that provides models, design its own outfits, select the fabric, the printing method and supervise the manufacturing.

Eima BLANK customizes Yoycol products with her designs and manages the selling platform on Eima BLANK also owns the Sexagenaire brand.

Shoes made by Alive Shoes are designed by Eima BLANK. The manufacturing is in Italy and managed by Alive Shoes.

Contrado fabrics and garments are designed by Eima BLANK and manufactured by Contrado near London, in United-Kingdom.

Sewing kits are made using Contrado fabrics and patterns made by Eima BLANK on Sewist.