Sexagenaire proudly collaborates with Yoycol, a renowned provider of print-on-demand services, to bring you a curated selection of custom-designed apparel and accessories. Our partnership with Yoycol allows us to offer unique and stylish products tailored to your individual preferences.

Our Collaboration

Yoycol specializes in creating high-quality garment models and designs, each crafted by their talented team of designers. At Sexagenaire, we carefully select from Yoycol’s extensive catalog of models to customize with our own original artwork and designs, curated by Eima BLANK.

Customization Process

While customers cannot directly personalize items on Sexagenaire.com, they have the opportunity to browse and purchase products that have been handpicked and customized by Eima BLANK. These items feature a blend of Yoycol’s quality craftsmanship and Eima BLANK’s unique artistic vision.

Respecting Intellectual Property

It’s important to us that we uphold the intellectual property rights of all parties involved. Yoycol retains the copyright for their garment models and designs, while Eima BLANK maintains the copyright for her original artwork. This ensures that each creation is a true collaboration between two creative entities.

Explore Our Collection

Discover our curated collection of custom-designed apparel and accessories, brought to you through our partnership with Yoycol. With Sexagenaire, you can shop confidently knowing that each item is a reflection of quality craftsmanship and artistic expression.